Choked by Gum - Lyrics

Kopf in's Herz 

Standing in a front of a great big wall
Mind is fucking me – I feel too small
Getting over
Never can't get through this
Mama said: go - Papa said: no
I felt nothing - World was crushing
Step back - Something holding me
Inner circle - Hey come to the point baby
Throwing my heart now over the wall
Forgotten the bad times - I think I know
Go right now just the only way
Nothing more to say

From head to heart in real-time
Vom Kopf ins Herz in Echtzeit

One Place 

One place to dwell on thoughts
One place to connect ideas
No chance for daylight and such forms
I don’t want go home
Where's my home
I don't want sleep
Nighttime is my time
Acquaintances for beer – That’s right

One place - to dwell on thoughts
One place - to connect ideas

Among people all alone
Behind the beady eyes
Exist an bedlam mind
Who had payed the drinks
Who was my rubbish bin
How the bloody signs on my skin

One place - to dwell on thoughts
One place - to connect ideas

Where from the common cold
In my pocket a dead heart beats
One place to stop the thoughts
No chance for daylight and such forms
I don’t want be at home
I can't sleep


Arschloch Sonne renn
Renn um dein Leben
Ich werde dich mit der Kettensäge zerlegen
Leg dich auf Eis
Das kleinste Stück male ich schwarz an
Und häng's mir an die Wand

Arschloch Herz in meiner Brust
Dein Beat gefällt mir nicht
Viel zu langsam – viel zu leise
Ich werde dich sezieren
Neu zusammensetzen
Getunt und schwarz lackieren

Arschloch Träume - an die Wand
Ich kann die Farben nicht ertragen
Feuer frei – es spritzt und matscht
Eine Riesensauerei
Ich will von allem nichts mehr sehn
Und werde mit schwarz darüber gehen

Arschloch Leben – wurde mir gegeben
Doch hat man mich nicht gefragt
Wollte es nicht haben
All die ganzen Sachen
Sagen und Fragen
Ich sehe das Leben nun mal schwarz


I know - I will lose what I love
I know - I will lose you
I know - I will lose everything in the end
Is it not? Am I not like you?
So we cling on as long as we can
We shit on the game plan

Speed up slow down
Live high lay low

So we rip our heart out
And walk along the road
We greet the killer who is squirming like a toad
Life is catching up one day
But we don’t care how and when
Just please not on the first of May
It really should not be then
But we don’t care how and when

Killer! We are Killer!
Life spiller
Like a bottle of Tequila
Killer! We are Killer!
Life spiller!
Boil it down to the essence!

Flipping Patties 

Good morning Mr. Crab,
I wanna cook you 'till you're red
My Holiday has been too short
I am back now, I'm aboard!
Sometimes I do wonder why
But instead I'd have to fry
Something wrong is going on
But I got to carry on
Small day in and big day out
And I really wanna shout!
I got two, four, six
Diamonds on my rhythm sticks
Flipping patties! flipping patties!

Now we are here
On this Sunday afternoon
The sweetest day in June
We see the summer moon
Now we are here
On this Sunday afternoon
Singing songs of old cartoons
Doing backyard barbecue

Days are shorter, I'm not fine
'Cause of daylight saving time
I really really want to know
When do they play my favorite show
We like this on days like that
All we do is chat! Chat! Chat!
I'm on a mission for remission
I'll be signing that petition
A world of miracle and wonder
Watch on youtube, loot and plunder
This is scary I´m afraid
Of Conplan 8888
Killing zombies

What do i vote for, where do I place my mark?
I choose liberty - Agmented reality
I see what you do not see
There is a hyperlink under these green fields!
404 not found, Error 501, I ripped my jeans!